Welcome to Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa

Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa is a luxury spa and wellness centre set to open on Rotorua’s lakefront in late 2021.

Situated on the shores of Lake Rotorua, Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa will deliver health and wellness experiences infused with authentic Te Arawa and Māori culture, to create a rejuvenating experience to remember and share.

With Māori culture at its heart, the development draws on the 650 year legacy of the local Maori tribe, Ngāti Whakaue’s and Rotorua’s famed spa heritage.

Its name, Wai Ariki or “chiefly waters”, is a reminder of the origin of Rotorua’s healing thermal waters, which have drawn visitors to the city for more than 130 years.

Wai Ariki’s unique features combine with therapeutic mineral waters to deliver a world class bathing, spa and wellness facility that provides a place to relax, sustain and heal.

Developed by Pukeroa Oruawhata, in conjunction with acclaimed spa and wellness provider Belgravia Leisure, Wai Ariki will be necessary to visit, and leave a desire to return.


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Cultural Connections

Every school child of New Zealand learns at some point the story of how our country straddles the ‘Ring of Fire’, a complex web of tectonic plate movements which account for volcanic activity, and major earthquakes and thermal activity around the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

They are told that 30 km downward the Earth’s mantle of superhot rock sometimes squeezes out giant bubbles, forming magma chambers. As the rising magma moves closer to the surface, it searches for cracks in the Earth’s crust through which to escape or erupt.


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